Mobile Forces Rage / Rage, Majesco 2002

This is a fun game that allows the driving of vehicles in a first-person shooter setting, something rarely done (Codename Eagle was the best one previously). Whereas the game has standard weapons, the use of 4 vehicles - the dune buggy, Humvee, troop transport and armored car make it innovative. The multiplayer modes are deathmatch, team deathmatch, a version of team deathmatch in which you only score points for killing the opposing team's captain, capture and hold, and four capture-the-flag variants. There is also a fun vehicle-based one called "trailer" where you have to find a Humvee strapped with a bomb and drive it into the enemy base. The 11 huge levels which include an urban ghetto, a polar outpost with an ice-bound submarine in the middle, and a pair of violently opposed logging camps are designed with two bases and a central hub area connected by a long, twisty landscape designed to be navigated by vehicles, plus a more direct shorter path that can only be traversed on foot. They are very nice graphically as the game uses the Unreal engine too. There are weapon balancing problems with only the rocket launcher as an effective way to damage vehicles but overall its a fun game with good bots available in single player as well.
Shuttle Launch bonus map + Mental Race mode 14MB+700kb (uploaded by File Planet / 4Players)
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Level Demo 74MB (uploaded by Game Pressure)
Fan-Made Maps
Full Demo ~178MB Music Addon ~7MB (uploaded by keropi) Manual: Windowed & full-screen ~3MB (scanned by Hellsgate & uploaded by keropi)
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Clone ISO Demo 466MB (uploaded by Egon68)

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