Containment Initiative Gwyn Games 2016

Early Access, Full Release Date: Apr 14/2017 Currently, we've only evacuated a small percentage of the city's population. Those who haven't been killed by some type of cranial injury are most likely still shuffling around out there, threatening our ability to retake parts of the city and rescue additional survivors. We are starting a task force comprised of individuals willing to thin the numbers of the remaining infected inside the city. We are paying for each infected killed. You can use the funds to upgrade your weaponry and venture to more dangerous areas. This is a Virtual Reality shooter for the HTC Vive. You will be placed in areas with significant infected activity in an attempt thin their numbers. You can choose to stay and hold your ground as long as you want, but if you can't successfully escape the mission area, then you will lose any money earned during the mission. Choose from a variety of weapons to kill the infected, all of which feature realistic handling and reloading. As you accumulate more money, you will be able to buy bigger and better weaponry in order to survive increasingly difficult encounters. On April 27/2018, Containment Initiative: PC Standalone was released which allows play of the game without VR. There are six maps to play through with each differing in difficulty. It allows online crossplay with owners of the VR version. Currently, the online play will feature the PC player providing sniper support on two of the maps available in single player.
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ISO Demo 2.08GB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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