Mortyr 2: For Ever Mirage Interactive / Redback, Hip Games 2004

In the year 2093 the Nazi's control Earth after winning the Second World War. They appear to possess a time machine, which gives them ultimate power. As one of the members of the conspiracy, you decide to move back to the year 1944 to change the course of the war. Unfortunately the mathematical calculations fail and instead of landing in the time machine room you find yourself just outside the snowy castle. After finishing the mission you jump to the present to finish the Nazi survivors who try to rebuild the Reich's power. There are two time periods of action through 11 single-player levels plus four additional maps are included for multiplayer competitions. First, in the year 1944 where you will fight the Nazis during the Second World War. The last missions take place at the end of the 20th century. All the settings are unique in terms of the enemies, available weapons and different areas and the game contains real WWII weapons and uniforms.
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Level Demo v0.324 112MB (uploaded by Game Pressure)
Patch v1.352 355kb (uploaded by Scaryfun)
Clone ISO Demo ~546MB (uploaded by Shattered)

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