Mummy, The Rebellion Software / Konami 2000

This action adventure is based on the popular film and has you trapped in Imhotep's tombs. You can play as treasure hunter Rick O'Connell, Egyptologist Evelyn Carnarvon, or her brother Jonathon. There are 46 increasingly complex levels. You are well equipped to fight the forces of the Egyptian undead with weapons like flaming torches, dual pistols, machetes, dynamite, shotguns, explosive amulets and even a magical golden sword. You can run, jump, climb walls, grab ledges and roll to the side while fighting enemies and avoiding traps. Trap doors, pitfalls, breakaway platforms and quicksand are just a few of the dangerous environments you'll come across. You must gather six pieces of a star key by solving trap-laden puzzles, beating a certain number of enemies or similar quests in order to escape each level. The game is structured as a series of hubs, each of which is comprised of a central map and three or four side maps. There are some mini games where the view becomes side-scrolling which adds nice variety. Manoeuvring through an underground river on a log, outrunning a horde of scarabs, and dodging dangerous objects in a chase scene with Benny are just a few of the surprise events you'll encounter. There's nothing too original here, if you like Tomb Raider with more action and less adventure elements then you might like this.
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Full Demo ~97MB (by Scaryfun) Music/Cutscenes/Speech Addon ~69MB (by keropi)
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ISO Demo 280Mb (upped by jjim)
Clone CD ISO Demo 281Mb (upped by Egon68)
Clone ISO Demo 334MB (uploaded by Egon68)
Full Demo with Custom Installer 423MB (uploaded by The Collection Chamber)

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