Firearms 1998
In this mod, war battles are simulated, in contrast to Counter-Strike with police and terrorists. Thus, defensive ditches, bunkers, mines and similar things are available. At the start, one selects his equipment and weapons. One has a number of predetermined points which one can distribute into various items, until they are used up. One can decrease body armor or buy more, for example, and also for arms and legs. As with Counter-Strike there are shock, smoke and concusive grenades (however, also Claymore mines) and weapon types of all kinds from the knife to pistol up to MGs (some from CS). In the game, one can gain better skills similar to a role play game. Depending on if how many kills one has, one climbs up in rank from the common private up to the brigade General. By the higher rankings one becomes more exact or quicker (in reloading), injuries become less from falls and soon you can also give orders to other players. One can also move by crawling which has a lower risk of being hit and more accuracy in shooting. Also one gets out of breath if running for too long and must rest. If one is shot, you bleed and must search for yourself a quiet corner to heal within a few seconds. Designwise, Firearms dates back to before Counter-Strike in every area clearly. From the accurate weapon representations of the surroundings, up to the animations - everything looks much cheaper. I have played Firearms up to now only a little bit more than one hour, so cannot review all the singleplayer levels. Nevertheless, to me they appeared to be very realistic. So it depends itself on how uptodate your system is to enjoy the realism as well on how fast the server is that you play multiplayer on. In the end, however, this is another very good mod that I will look in the future to play now and again.
Download v3.0 181MB (uploaded by ModDB)

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