How To Survive 2: Dead Dynamite DLC Eko Software / 505 Games 2016

Dare to go deep underground to solve the ancient curse that could be the root of the undead apocalypse. Meet a mysterious psychic lady with a good hand for explosives and help her get rid of this curse. You can stop the undead plague once and for all. In order to save mankind, she will share with you a very usefully firecracker crafting skill. With this new knowledge you'll be able to dig deeper and deeper, blowing up any obstacles in your way, whether it be rocks, heavily armored zombies or undead rat hordes. Watch your fingers. This DLC includes: A new NPC; A new campaign with fresh new raids; A new raid objective - destruction; 3 New enemies (Undead Rats, Miner Zombies and the heavy armored Zombie-Tank); A new boss; New living animals: rats + linked recipes; An entirely new environment - the old mines and underground caves; New weapon type - explosives (grenades and explosive ammo); 1 Double Speed weapon (Miner tools); 1 Melee Weapon (Pickaxe); 1 New projectile weapon (grenade launcher); 1 New armor set; Land mines (for camp and raids); Destructible and explosive props (Crates, rocks, gas tanks, etc.).
included in How To Survive - Standalone ISO Demo including all DLC and fully updated 2.56GB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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