No One Lives Forever, The Operative Monolith / Fox 2000

No One Lives Forever is based on the new engine of Monolith, the Lithtech 1.5. It is a parody of old James Bond films of the 60s. The clothes are fashioned accordingly and in the course of the action it sends the player from Morocco to Berlin and later to such exotic places as the tropics or a space station. Of course, there are also big underground bases with opponents branched out. Storywise, we stand on the verge of the end of the world. A mad terrorist group called H.A.R.M. threatens with the help of a new explosive which one can inject unnoticed into people and with immense explosive force exterminate whole regions. To prevent this, one slips into the role of a former thief who was recruited by the British Secret Service. At first a tutorial and mission objectives occurs and then one is armed with different weapons or tools - as usual, again before new missions. There are unique tools like a hair clip to open locked doors, in the second use mode you can use it as a poisoned knife point. Using glasses you can take a photo, and later can be used to recognize infrared light barriers and landmines. Also perfumes of different colours are soon available (I myself have sometimes not used them at all and played through a level anyway). This also is a little deficiency of NOLF. One will barely need to use something, or only can hardly start a level. In the missions in which your cover may not be blown, one must completely stay undiscovered, i.e. not being to keep silent while dispatching opponents mostly leads to the sudden failure of the mission. In other levels in which noise is allowed, it still is a necessity to creep laboriously up to an opponent. A few shots with the silencer gun seems a far better option. The action sequences of NOLF are great fun and the "normal" degree of difficulty might barely prove any problem for skilled players (I myself had only one area which took awhile to get through on the space station because of fighting with slow lasers). More problems might be had with the stealth missions. Often it is a matter of staying undiscovered from cameras and guards. Later, in an alpine place, nevertheless, immense frustration started with me. During the game, like in Thief, the surroundings are influenceable, something which NOLF clearly emulates. These sequences will provide eager Thief fans only with frustration. In the course of the game one can also steer a motorcycle and snowmobile which move OK, but was neither a plus nor minus overall. Altogether NOLF is a diverse game, with some cool ideas, but also with one or another unnecessary frustrating experiences. I thought it a pity that although one cooperates now and then with another agent, it comes to practically no interaction, inlevel meetings or help. The story is enjoyable and different to solve but as Elite Force demonstrated, players must not be irritated by frustration.

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Level Demo ~129MB ( @ Lite Demo ~46MB ( @ FileFront)
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Full Demo ~181 MB Mirror, Music Addon ~57 MB Mirror, Voices Addon ~98 MB Mirror, Company Logos ~8 MB, Win2000 Patch ~0,4 MB Mirror(all uploaded by MasteromaN & mirrors by Maraakate) Update #4 (v1.004) ~6Mb (upped by Scaryfun) Mirror Custom Online-Play Enabler for v1.004 (both uploaded and latter made by Maraakate)
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Game Of The Year 3CD ISO Demo 924MB (uploaded by scaryfun)
Fan-Made Maps/SP Missions
German 3CD GOTY ISO Demo ~805MB (upped by dead-meat)
Ready-To-Play Full Demo plus all updates and many fan-made maps ~839MB / Full Demo 200MB & Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7 Fix, v1.04 MP Patch & Map Pack Update (@ FPS Legends)
Total Conversions & Level Pack
AlcoholClone 3CD ISO Demo 836MB (uploaded by Egon68)
GOTY Edition Revival with all patches applied (v1.04), NO CD crack, widescreen resolution, works on modern o/s up to Win10 450MB (uploaded by NOLF Revival)

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