Donuts'n'Justice FobTi interactive 2016

This is a fast-paced 2d horizontal shoot-'em-up wherein you take the role of one of two Super Cops in the 1980s to defend their city against gangs, violence and corruption. Blast your way through waves of gangsters and other criminals in this retro style shooter. Unlock New weapons, Collect Power-Ups, Save civilians and defeat the mad bosses. Features: Simple controls and pure arcade action; Easy to play, hard to beat; Over 14 enemy types like dangerous Biker gangs, Triads or Aliens; Handcrafted pixel graphics created with love; 5 action-packed stages; Challenging boss fights and car chases; Unlock New Weapons, Power-Ups and Secrets; 2-Player local co-op; Full Xbox 360 controller support; Steam Achievements and Trading Cards.
Full Demo 43MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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