Lethal Judgment HD B-Software 2010

Get ready for the new version of Lethal Judgment, in High Definition 720p updated for the Xbox 360 as well as PC. Fight all along 5 new levels against powerful aliens and huge bosses. Welcome to the new old school shoot them up experience. Each level has an end of level boss. Instead of lives, your ship has a shield represented by an energy bar which will have to last throughout the entire level as there is no way to recharge it. It makes for a challenging game as you get sent back to the menu if your shield runs out. You have three weapon types which can be changed between at any time; fire gun, blind gun and a laser. Each gun can be upgraded up to three times via floating power ups. An upgrade can be lost when colliding with an enemy or bullet so be careful! You also have a special weapon which can be activated and protects you from incoming enemies. The levels are of fairly good length and packed full of enemies. There is a slight strategic element to the game, enemies can appear from anywhere on screen so using the right weapon is a must if you want to keep that shield, for example using Blind to shoot enemies from behind. Bosses are naturally tricky to kill and despite the five levels sounding fairly short you will not be completing the game in your first attempt. The updated visuals look great, if you can take your eyes of the action you will notice the well designed backgrounds which are animated and add to the atmosphere. Enemy sprites are large in number on screen, they are also detailed and look the part. The provided techno style music sounds good and goes well with the fast paced nature of the game. Sound effects are plentiful and include speech for weapons selection which all sound good. It was later made freeware in 2011.
Freeware Game included in Lethal Judgment HD Collection 501MB (uploaded by scaryfun)
Free Game ( provided by starlord & upped by Scaryfun) 82MB

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