Cargo Cult: Shoot'n'Loot VR Panoramik Inc 2016

–ěn the ruins of the old world, among the picturesque fragments of civilization, the last ship of the Great Mechanical Armada wades deep into the territory of Cargo Cult to steal El Dorado. You're the captain. The world that have been destroyed and have revived from ashes. The world full of ancient wooden mechanisms and stone golems worshipping them, beautiful palms and deadly homing missiles. Fancy place that will never make you stop being surprised. Turn fragile schooner into a deadly machine of destruction carrying death, disruption... and lots of FUN. Shoot crowds of armed to the teeth opponents and collect variety of treasures in the most exciting VR experience ever. Hurricane Shoot'em Up + Virtual Reality = Unlimited Drive. The titanic rock is falling right on your head. You have never felt such a deep experience before, but you can now. Cover yourself with a shield, fire with two hands, make a real Armageddon with a machine gun in one hand, shotgun in the other and piece of huge rock you have blown up. Unlock and upgrade all types of weapons including deadly Doom Rocket Launcher. Six-barreled Machine Guns with Grenade Launchers & Light Shields. Upgrade it or unlock destroy-them-all-style steam Rocket Launcher. Battle against fast swarms of Iron Hornets, mad Kamikadze Ships, heavy and armored Doomcopters, merciless Missile Towers, and more. Don't forget about giant and powerful BOSSES made from deadly parts forged into one crazy mind.
Full Demo 255MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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