Oni Bungie Studios / Take-Two Interactive Software 2001

This is a fun anime-style 3rd person shooter and fighting combo. The game's universe is heavily influenced by Masamune Shirow's manga series Ghost in the Shell. It features fluid, dynamic animation, some exciting combat sequences, and a fairly involving story that links everything together. Weapons include conventional pistols and submachine guns, as well as stronger plasma and beam weapons, an incredibly powerful grenade launcher, and a very deadly sniper rifle. There are a few jumping puzzles and you must find various terminals to open doors. The enemies are nicely modelled but the levels are somewhat similar and become dull. The combat system though is well done and makes for a worth-while game.
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Tutorial and Levels 1 & 4 Demo ~69MB ( @ Download.com) Level 2 Manufacturing Plant Demo ~18MB ( @ futurenet)
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Full Demo ~172MB (uploaded by keropi) / Game crash fix ~20kB (@ Ianpatt)
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ISO Demo 417MB (uploaded by Trey)
European Edition Multi-3 ISO Demo 759MB (uploaded by Trey) *plus Anniversary Edition mod
Spanish ISO Demo + No-CD + Manual 618MB (uploaded by AbandonSocios)

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