DARIUSBURST Chronicle Saviours - Cave DLC Pack Pyramid, G.rev Ltd., Chara-Ani / Degica 2016

Each of these DLC can be purchased seperately. Ketsui Hyper aggressive game design brought many enthusiastic fans to this side scrolling shooting game. Welcome to the Special Round. The Tiger Schwert guests from Cave's ketsui, bringing with it the close-quarter combat and chip gathering gameplay of the original game. Choose between normal and lock shots and brave the world of DariusBurst DS in ketsui's first appearance on Steam. Remix tracks courtesy of Yosuke Yasui (Mamorukun Curse!, ESCHATOS, etc). DoDonPachi Resurrection Dondonpachi, the Cave masterpiece receives Resurrection after a Blissful Death. Feast on firepower in bullet hell. DoDonPachi is born again in DariusBurst CS. Use the A-Type ship, the Deltasword from Resurrection, (also on Steam) and cut a swath through the Belser with shot, laser and Hyper Counter. Remix tracks courtesy of Keishi Yonao (Asuka 120%, Strania - The Stella Machina -). Deathsmiles Side scrolling shooting in a Gothic Horror world. That distinctive CAVE touch wasn't lost with the switch to horizontal scrolling. Windia and her owl-familiar Hoo join the fray, guesting from Cave's Deathsmiles. Utilise her bidirectional fire and targeting magic alongside Hoo's sub-shot and collect the familiar skulls and crowns to power up. Remix tracks courtesy of WASi303 (Psyvariar, Triangle Shmups Collection, etc). Each DLC will add 1 ship, playable in DLC Mode. It also gives you access to 3 special stages designed specially for this ship. (Only scores using this ship will be registered in the special stages.) It also give you access to the CAVE pack: 10 newly arranged stages including 3 boss fights, as well as CS PACK 3: 10 stages from CS mode. Buying any DLC also lets you use all the DARIUSBURST ships from the base game in the DLC Mode stages.
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