O-Zone Pixel Multimedia / Electronic Arts 1997

Escape from Earth and go home to Omega 7. Fly and fight your way up the 5 Arenas to the final one, the Ozone arena, from which you can fly back home to Omega 7. In order to be transferred to the next zone, your ship must pass through the gate (which is a big ring floating in mid-air), loaded with full gate energy. Passing through the gate with insufficient energy will not activate the gate. The HUD (Heads Up Display) shows the direction to the nearest gate energy unit/generator. Gate energy generators can also be released. Releasing them is recommended when an increase in ship performance is needed, or when being chased by powerful enemies. The ship energy and weapon packs are usually obtained by flying through them floating in mid-air. Ship energy decreases whenever your ship is hit by weapons fire, or if it touches the surface. If it reaches zero then the ship explodes. Shield protects your ship from being hit but also prevents you from using weapons or grabbing packs. Invisibility is useful but does not protect you from being hit. There are 5 types of weapons - laser, guided missile, mine, cluster pack, and dummy gate energy generator. The radar shows the objects near the player's ship.
ISO Demo 363MB (upped by Trey)

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