Painkiller: Resurrection Homegrown Games / JoWooD Productions / DreamCatcher Games 2009

The sequel to the first Painkiller game, Painkiller: Resurrection is an intense, fast-paced first-person shooter in which you fight hellish demons and massive screen-filling bosses. In addition to the single-player adventure where the player is caught in Purgatory and must battle the forces of Hell, the game also includes a multiplayer component. In addition to the standard competitive multilayer modes you'd expect in any modern first-person shooter, Painkiller: Resurrection includes a coop-multiplayer campaign mode, a first for the series.
The game uses an improved version of the Painkiller engine which has been augmented to include new features such as motion blur and dynamic lighting. However the same style of the previous game's graphics is mimicked here with art design coming from the famous Austrian artist Peter Siedi. The Steam version includes an exclusive coop map called "Tower Of Power" that is now freely available to all.

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Free Coop Map "Tower Of Power" *requires Painkiller Resurrection 65MB (uploaded by PK Zone)
Updated Level Demo 1.05GB (uploaded by Game Pressure)
DVD ISO Demo 3.01GB (uploaded by Egon68)
Full Demo + OST + Extras 2.37GB (uploaded by hgdagon)

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