Panzer Commander Ultimation Inc. / Strategic Simulations, Inc. 1998

Panzer Commander puts the player in the lead tank of a WWII tank platoon, fighting for the German, Russian, US, or British forces in one of 40 standalone scenarios, or in one of three German Russian campaigns. You have the task of driving a vintage Nazi or Allied tank in a variety of combat scenarios. Play selected missions or participate in campaigns, each of which consists of a series of linked missions, the outcome of which will determine the course of the campaign. In addition, successful players will be given command of a platoon of tanks which can be deployed in several different formations. It sends you to battle in over 24 different tanks, featuring the American M4A3E8, Chaffee, Pershing; German Tiger, Panther, PzIVD; Soviet T-34/41, T-34/42, T34/43, and British Churchill, Cromwell, Crusader. Just about every tank that saw action in the Big One is featured here. And the scope of this sim doesn't end with the tank models either. There are three German and three Soviet campaigns, though not completely dynamic, that will begin in 1939/1941 and take you through the entire war. The campaigns are "based in part on actual unit histories and take place in all the major areas of operations in Europe, North Africa, and Russia". You will have literally months of playing ahead of you. You are offered the single scenarios, custom scenarios, and IPX/Internet multiplay. There are 40 single scenarios to choose from and several tutorials to get you started. The scenario editor is efficient and fairly easy to employ. In multiplay, you can choose between several modes of play which include melee and capture the flag. During a multiplay game, you stalk through a village or small city, trying to pounce on your opponents while being watchful that they don't surprise you from behind. There is a sense of anxiety during this type of game - you cannot see 360 degrees around you. As in real life, you must pan the view around as you move from one covering building to the next. It's pretty intense! Exactly what you would want in a multiplay tanksim. And if your buddy does blast you, you and your tank reappear in a random spot on the edge of town - no reloading the game necessary.
Level Demo ~24MB ( @
Full Demo 46MB ( @
Fan-Made Scenarios
ISO Demo 580MB (uploaded by Egon68)

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