Battle Beat LE [J] XeNN / NEC Interchannel 1999

This game had a decent following in Japan in the early 2000s and was described by one reviewer as a cross between Quake and Bomberman. XeNN released it as both a free online download (with limited features) and a retail CD-ROM (published by NEC Interchannel). 3D action game software that pop characters rush through the field with cool music backing and hit a bomb on the enemy and blow them away. When connected to the Internet, it has a multiplayer function that can join up to six people. Far away in the universe, planet "Funkadelic" very similar to SHIBUYA. There, the street kids enjoyed music with loud volume regardless of day and night. However, dissatisfaction crowded with the kids who were only listening to their favorite music. Eventually, they started a childish quarrel with high-performance weapons. There's more than 20 items, and six kinds of rocket launchers, remote control rockets, sensor bombs and so on. Besides weapons, special weapons items and power-up items with power-up effects such as penetrating effects are dropped in the map, and we use them to successfully capture these items. In single play, up to 20 BOTs (CPU characters) will appear and you can enjoy pseudo-match, but basically it will be main to play against other players via the Internet. Multi player can participate up to six, "Death Match mode" which simply knocks down enemies, "Team DeathMatch mode" which is divided into two teams to defeat the enemy team, also divided into two teams to take flag battle "Capture the Flag mode" Three modes are prepared. More than 25 maps can be prepared and expanded. Also, you can chat at the time of battle. The screen is a 3D specification reminiscent of Metroid. At the end of 2007, the servers were shut down and the company disappeared soon after.
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Japanese Full Demo + Map Editor 27MB (uploaded by hybridadv)
Japanese ISO Demo (provided by Rodwod & upped by Scaryfun) 85MB

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