Pax Corpus Cryo Interactive / Electronic Arts 1997

Plunge into the strange world of Oz Nama alongside Kahlee, a dangerously seductive mercenary. Explore a real time 3D environment with a variety of indoor and open sky areas. Fight your way through 40 levels packed with shooting sequences, puzzles, exploration and platforms. Load your Blaster, warm up your joints and set off for an adventure to solve the mystery of the Pax Corpus. If you resist the charms and trickery of Kylana Soro you may be able to help Kahlee to free Oz Nama from this dreadful creation. This was originally to be based on the cult animated series Aeon Flux (with even some video previews in the later episodes of the series) but Viacom New Media was shut down in the middle of development and Cryo then didn't have the license anymore with the game almost complete. So they modified the game. It lacks the original animation that was originally going to be included, has all character names changed, and modifies some of the graphic details and settings, but anyone familiar with the series will recognize the distinct character design and premises from the series.
Full Demo ~41MB (uploaded by keropi)
Clone ISO Demo 290MB (uploaded by Egon68)

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