Pearl Harbor: Defend the Fleet Running Dog Software / WizardWorks / Infogrames 2001

The early morning quiet of a nation at peace is shattered by the eerie whine of dive bombers descending onto their targets. Out of the east, a storm of Zeros, Kates, and Vals swoop down on docked naval vessels. Torpedoes rock the water. Cannon fire roils across steel decks, buckling metal plates as sailors scramble to their battle stations. Pearl Harbor: Defend the Fleet puts players on deck and under fire as swarms of Japanese planes bomb and strafe Pearl Harbor, America’s strategic gateway to the Pacific. Features include: Riveting, arcade-style 3D ship to air combat; W.W.II era weapons, plus then-classified armaments and radar; Progressive levels of difficulty; Chaotic battle sounds including screaming bombs, crashing planes, splashing torpedoes and more; Pick-up-and-play controls.
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10 minutes Trial ~43MB ( @
ISO Demo 64MB (uploaded by Egon68)
included in Pearl Harbor 4-in-1 Full Demo 89MB (uploaded by Supernova)

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