Super Sky Arena Hammer Labs, Deck13 2015

Early Access Release This is a modern re-imagination of the Starfox multiplayer mode. You pilot a jet fighter to have fast paced dogfights against three of your friends. Play either locally, in splitscreen mode, or create an online game and let your friends join from all over the world. And if your friends are busy, you can always play against the AI to train for future confrontations. We plan to create the ultimate multiplayer experience for this game. To do this, many different forms of multiplayer gaming are being developed that you can enjoy with your friends: Local Multiplayer, Online Multiplayer, Local or Online against Bots, Couch vs. Couch Multiplayer (Online Splitscreen) is upcoming. Fast paced action dogfight: Fight your friends in a dogfight that requires quick reflexes, strategic maneuvers and powerful weapons. Multiplayer in all colors: You can play in local splitscreen mode, join online matches of your friends and eventually combine both in our couch vs. couch multiplayer (this is still being developed). Original music: Each map has its own fast pumping music that reminds us of good old 80s and 90s rock.
Full Demo v0.6.0 117MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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