Postal Running With Scissors / Ripcord Games 1997

In Postal, one takes over the role of a psychopath ("Postal Dude") who represents the view that his peaceful mountain village urgently needs action. Thus he puts on his black leather coat, and his sunglasses and loads a shotgun. Let the carnage begin. His prey are neighbors (who shoot back!), policemen, highschool bands and even Santa Claus. The game runs in an isometric perspective. Indeed the figures are 3-dimensional, but not very detailed and movement is somewhat pixilated. The scenery is nicely drawn, and creates a certain comic atmosphere. The game has been banned for its sadistic violence in a lot of countries, although actually there is no "mutilation" shown, though victims do crawl around wounded while bleeding on the ground and asking for mercy. (Review by Enrique-Portuondo Ochoa)
The game was unsuccessfully sued by the United States Postal Service for misappropriating the term "postal". In 2007, much-maligned director Uwe Boll made a movie adaptation which more closely followed the plot of Postal 2. It actually was faithful to some of that game's plot points unlike his previous adaptations of games like House Of The Dead and Alone In The Dark. Though it's his best-reviewed movie, that's not saying much. On Dec 20/2019, the game was made freeware.

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included in Postal Plus - Linux ISO Demo 599MB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)
Level Demo 20MB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)
Full Demo 80MB ( @
Full Demo ~84MB (uploaded by keropi) Update Patch 1 ~0.4MB (created for 3DSL & uploaded by Scaryfun)
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Hybrid PC/MAC ISO Demo 638MB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)
Postal Plus ISO Demo ~250MB (uploaded by Scaryfun) NoCD ~0.4MB (uploaded by hurenBock)NOTE: Includes both original game and Special Delivery addon
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Fudge Pack DVD ISO Demo includes Postal: Classic and Uncut, Postal 2: Share The Pain, Apocalypse Weekend, Eternal Damnation, A Week in Paradise, and Extras. 2.49GB (uploaded by scaryfun)
Postal Classic and Uncut - GOG Digital ISO Demo v2.1.0.8 175MB (uploaded by Shattered)
Postal Classic and Uncut included in Postal X: 10th Anniversary 2DVD ISO Demo 3.54GB (uploaded by Egon68)
Postal Classic and Uncut - MAC GOG Digital ISO Demo v1.1.0.4 160MB (uploaded by Shattered)
included in Postal Classic and Uncut - Full Demo Repack 103MB (uploaded by UberLamer)
Postal Classic and Uncut included in Postal RUnlimited Edition - Ru/Eng ISO Demo 5.67GB (uploaded by scaryfun)
Steam Free Game (uploaded by Steam)
GOG Digital ISO - Free Game (uploaded by GOG)

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