Postal 2: Shtopor Zhzhot (Corkscrew Rules) Avalon Style Entertainment / Akella 2005

This game addon was released in Russia only and stars a man known as Shtopor (or Corkscrew, who looks very much like the Postal Dude) who wakes up in a hospital to find that someone has stolen his penis. Journey through Muhosransk City (Podunk City) on a journey to find your stolen sex organ and kill that bastard responsible. Gameplay additions includes a new location to explore, changes to make the game more Russian (Rubbles instead of Dollars), Vodka, and three new weapons: Frying Pan, Dirty Sock, Slingshot. The errand based gameplay of Postal 2 returns, taking place over the course of four days (Понедельник, Вторник, Среда, and Четверг — translated Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday) as you interact with the various inhabitants of Muhosransk City. Unlike Postal 2, there is no pacifist option though most errands can be completed without resorting to violence. Another prominent action, the ability to piss on people isn't available due to the nature of the story. Contrary to Postal², this addon has music of real band, principally ska/punk.
Russian 2DVD ISO Demo 1.01GB (uploaded by Delacroix)
included in Postal 2 + Addons - Custom ISO Demo 4.66GB (uploaded by Delacroix)
included in Postal 2 - Steam US v5022 with Corkscrew Rules Standalone Full Demo 1.71GB (uploaded by UberLamer)
Standalone Full Demo 1.46GB (uploaded by ModDB)
Russian/English ISO Demo (works with Postal RUnlimited Edition) 1.45GB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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