Roots of Insanity Crania Games 2017

What had started as an ordinary night shift at the August Valentine Hospital has turned into a night of chaos and horror for you. As Dr. Riley McClein, you have to figure out what is real and what is not as you try to uncover the mysterious happenings at the hospital, while also trying to deal with your epileptic attacks that have haunted you all your life. You will need to whatever you can to survive the night and most importantly, keep your sanity. This is an fps/tps, survival/horror game designed and developed in Unreal Engine. The game tells the tale of Dr. Riley McClein as he tries to survive through a maelstrom of horror and mystery in the August Valentine Hospital, while also struggling with his epileptic attacks. Game Features: Immersive combat system lets you hack, slash, kick and shoot as you fight for your life; Unique storyline with many unexpected twists and turns; Optional areas to be discovered and explored; Random loot system. In Oct 26/2020, the game was remade as a free update which includes: ability to use weapon at interiors; new zombie; new animations; key binding system; new areas; new gameplay mechanics; achievement bug fix; re-lighting; new main menu systems; performance optimizations; AI improvements; new save system; after remake there will have more content, dlc and extensions.
Download: None currently available

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