Power Dolls 6 [J] Usa Gisan Team / Kogado Studio 2004

Sixth in the series of Power Dolls tactical simulation game series. The stage was postponed during the postwar period, when the war between the Omni Federal Republic and the Seifert Republic, which was drawn in POWER DoLLS 4/5/5 x, was terminated by a ceasefire agreement. The movement organized in the CYFERD army withdrawal from the South Far territory continues to begin to appear, and DoLLS will go to the front again to respond promptly to this movement. In addition to adopting a real-time system, this work also adopts a system that can "kill" enemy aircraft by "own hand". The tactical scene is expressed in full polygon 3D view, and the captain of the captain's plane is entrusted to the player. It is required to make accurate judgment and quick and accurate manipulation of the power loader as to whether reporting of the enemy aircraft from the wielding aircraft is heading for support by the wielding aircraft or giving priority to defeating the enemy aircraft at hand. In addition to a ringing warning sound, an enemy battle helicopter flying overhead, a battle fire from the enemy power loader, as well as enemy bullets flying over, powerful battle scenes running around Omni's land through aircraft are spread. A popular robot battle SLG series in a scenario with very high difficulty and drama nature. This stage is a period of confusion after the end of the "Omni Commonwealth and Seyfeld Republic War" drawn in the previous work. Players become Captain of the "DoLLS" captain, who leads the platoon and manages his own machine and clears a lot of strict missions. "DoLLS" is a special force composed of female members equipped with an armored mobile infantry called a power loader. In addition to the command of battle of this special unit, players are also charged with important tasks such as equipment, weapons, and organizational arrangements that are tailored to the situation. In this title, the battle system has been changed from the previous turn's turn system to the real time system, and it became possible to enjoy more tense play. However, since the time stops while giving instructions to the wingman, you should be able to fully enjoy the person who wants to investigate the situation carefully and to tactics like the previous series. Besides this, graphics have evolved, and battlefields and battle scenes are now being expressed with real 3D CG with full polygons. In addition to the traditional view overlooking the battlefield from the sky, a view with the viewpoint behind the aircraft was also prepared, so one of the major features is that you can enjoy the powerful battle scenes with plenty of presence. It is a recommended book for those who are looking for authentic SLG that can enjoy battle full of dynamism by the robot, tension of the battlefield, strange tactics.
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Traditional Chinese AlcoholClone 2CD ISO Demo 516MB (uploaded by Supernova)
Japanese ISO Demo + Bonus Disc (provided by rockleevk & upped by Scaryfun) 577MB

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