Primal Prey Sunstorm, Arush / ValuSoft 2001

As a time traveler, you are sent back to primal times to hunt dinosaurs. You can choose from 10 weapons and hunt by daylight, night (using night-vision devices) or during dawn. Besides the weapons, there's equipment stuff for hunting: things to bait dinosaurs or to camouflage yourself. During each mission you get to know the purpose of your job. That could be either to get a delicious steak for a gourmet restaurant, dinos to catch for zoos, scientific research, or for weather or tv shows. For successfuly ended missions, the player earns money and there are 3 stars for assessment: 1) Hunt was successful 2) minimum weight of dinosaur is reached 3) mission completed in hunting time limit. The hunt always takes place in same area, which isn't that big, but is not wide open. Primal Prey needs RealOneArcade for running it on and is uses the Deer Hunter 4 engine. Playing in high resolution, this game really looks acceptable, but it didn't convince me that much. Often the gameplay repeats and motivation and game tension is rather small. But whoever likes hunting dinosaurs should give it a try.
Level Demo ~34MB ( @
Full Demo ~33MB (upped by keropi)
ISO Demo 128MB (upped by Scaryfun)

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