Project I.G.I. (I'm Going In) Innerloop Studios / Eidos Interactive 2000

Project IGI was programmed by a Norwegian developer crew. They modified the engine for Joint Strike Fighter with which it is possible to recognize objects at big distances and to zoom in on them. IGI is an abbreviation and signifies I'm Going In. The graphics cannot keep up with Quake 3 and Co., however it looks better than Delta Force 2. The missions are diverse (even if the areas do not differ particularly from each other). There are no real surprises during a mission. Saving game progress is not permitted and considering how substantially large the levels are, the game designers were either crazy or it's a brilliant prank. Any special intellect of the opponents was not recognized either. One is connected by a headset constantly with a computer specialist who supplies the player with tips. Between the levels, sometimes from one helicopter your friends are fetched and at another place they are dropped off. However it does not seem to be the same with the weapons. In the next level one starts mostly again with an Mp5, knife and colt. One must get sniper guns, the Ak47 and others over and over again from the opponents. Only in few levels one has, for instance, the sniper gun from beginning. One also loses the gained weapons on the next level again. This is as illogical as it is senseless. The Ak47 was soon my main weapon, because it is the main weapon of the opponents and lies around with enough ammunition. I have not played through IGI completely. In the last mission one must kill a final opponent (no second chance if one fails so be careful) then comes the computer specialist run in which an atomic bomb must be defused while enemies from 3 directions appear over and over again. There I met my end 2 times. Once after 3 seconds after they appear, another after 10. After this frustration, I have removed the game of my hard drive. Only because of the shitty process of going through the level another 20 minutes each time to come at the end and meet the same death, it's honestly too silly to undergo. IGI has for shooter fans absolutely an entertainment value, but too many inadequacies to have even the breath of a chance to top Delta Force 1-3. From the moment the opponents appear, there is too little time to really construct a strategy. One cannot at some places climb fences or knock out cameras in other places (because the programmers did not have the sense to make it possible or didn't want you to be able to). Altogether, it's a pity.
Level Demo 46MB (uploaded by Game Pressure)
Full Demo (upped by keropi) Music ~30MB Movies ~44MB(upped by MasteromaN)
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ISO Demo ~244MB (upped by MasteromaN)
UK Clone ISO Demo 316MB (uploaded by Egon68)

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