Quake 'em Cobra Computing, Ltd. 1996

This is one of the many inofficial level collection cds. Only the readme is in German, the rest of the content is English. It contains levels, tools, graphics, cheats and so on. The games for which there is material on the cd are: C&C, Doom 1+2, Duke3d, Heretic, HeXen, MechWarrior 2, MS Flight Simulator, NBA Live, Quake, ROTT, Sim City, Sim City 2000, US Navy Fighter, WarCraft and WarCraft II.
Just as one would expect, this compilation is a mixed-bag. On the one hand the makers seem to have downloaded everything from the net that had one of the games names in its title (like a demo map for HeXen, showing off scripting for those who'd like to map themselves!). But among the tons of random stuff on this cd there's the occasional good map, too.
"Good" means "playable" in this case. However this doesn't mean that those maps are no fun as well. It simply means that you cannot judge the old material from todays standards. If you tend to do so, keep away. For those who did not grow up with these games, it's often hard to imagine what editing was like in that time. You have to bear in mind that it was often rather "hackish" and people were making fullbright square-rooms with thousands of monsters and just as much powerups as well as the most powerful weapons right in front of the player. Also many people discovered some specials, found them to be cool and used them all over the map again and again. Keeping this in mind, the fact that there are levels that do not relay on the player finding doors that have just an ordinary wall texture and also use reasonable architecture are not even half bad. Almost every map in the old days had misaligned textures, btw.
It's the same thing with the maps for the strategy games: lots of insanely stupid maps and a few acceptable to good ones. I didn't take a look at the other games, though, as I don't own them. And I also didn't bother to take a look at anything else than the levels.
ISO Demo 340MB (uploaded by Wastrel)

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