Quake: Abyss Of Pandemonium Impel Productions 1998

This was to be a commercial mission pack ... but it was later released for download as freeware. It takes you to the final battle with the Dark Reaver Legond, Quake's most feared general. There are some new opponents and weapons in 16 levels. In the tradition of the official expansions, it's nothing special (also there are barely new textures), but there is good and respectable level-design.
In 2008, the two single player episodes (11 maps) were restored and repak'd as The Final Mission v2.0, with improvements and fixes, to match current Quake engine requirements.
Level Demo v1.05 13MB (uploaded by ModDB)
Deathmatch v2.00 3MB (@ Download.com) The Final Mission v2.0 13MB (@ ModDB)
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Included in Ultimate Quake 1 Fan-Made Compilation *plus Quake MP 1: Scourge Of Armagon, Quake MP 2: Dissolution Of Eternity, Quake TC: Malice, Quake TC: Shrak, Quake TC: X-Men, Quake: Abyss Of Pandemonium, maps, modern source ports, mods, movies 825MB (uploaded by Scaryfun)
Cancelled Retail ISO 455MB (upload by Shattered) Soundtrack 40MB (@Quakeaddicted)
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ISO Demo 455MB & Music CD-Rip ISO 297MB (@FPS Legends)

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