Aftershock For Quake HeadGames / GT Interactive 1996

Aftershock contains a handful of single-player and deathmatch levels that will have you scared out of your pants such as "Descent Into Horror," "Elevator of Pain," "The Adobe," "Decarlo," "Tower of Death," "Hell Hole," "Death Walk," "Darmack," "Glensheen," "The Surface," and more. Play updated Deathmatch modes that deliver a major impact. As well, there's a Quake level editor and a selection of hints & cheats for the original version. It has DOS and Windows 95 menu programs to launch your favorite levels. The Deluxe Edition has 50 exclusive levels.
UK / USA / Deluxe Edition ISO Demos 18MB/18MB/15MB (uploaded by GigaWatt)
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