Quake MissionPack 1: Scourge Of Armagon (The Rift) Hiptonic (Ritual) / Activision 1997

This is the first official Quake mission pack. The textures have barely changed. There are new weapons (Proxi-mine thrower, laser gun, Thor's hammer) and some new opponents. The levels became bigger and some are also really pretty to look at, the Cathedral level is one of my favorites. The small Gremlins are the most interesting new kind of opponent. They steal from the player their weapon (a Gremlin with a bazooka or a Nailgun looks impressive indeed) and uses them promptly against the player. Also from their corpses are created new Gremlins. Sometimes one hears behind himself rustling and bumping, a sure sign that the small enemies in the work are soon to arrive. For single players the mode is much better than in the original Quake. This mission CD provides for some good playing fun without frustration. Because it also brings new multiplayer levels, it is also very good just for the extra modes.
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Full Demo ~33MB (upped by keropi)
Included in Ultimate Quake 1 Fan-Made Compilation *plus Quake MP 1: Scourge Of Armagon, Quake MP 2: Dissolution Of Eternity, Quake TC: Malice, Quake TC: Shrak, Quake TC: X-Men, Quake: Abyss Of Pandemonium, maps, modern source ports, mods, movies 825MB (uploaded by Scaryfun)
Included in: Quake Mission Packs ISO Demo 273MB (uploaded by Egon68) plus Quake MP 2: Dissolution Of Eternity
ISO Demo 199MB (uploaded by Meddle)
ISO Demo 198MB & Music CD-Rip ISO 160MB (@FPS Legends)
Quake Plus (includes Scourge Of Armagon, Dissolution Of Eternity, Ultimate Quake Patch, Kickflip Mod, Slide Mod, Alien Mod, QuakeOne Maps Pack) 182MB (uploaded by /VR/'s Gut Emporium)
included in Quake: The Offering - EU Clone 2CD ISO Demo 705MB (uploaded by Egon68)
Full Demo included in iD Software: The 90's Collection 653MB (uploaded by yamibito)

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