Quake Total Conversion: Malice Epochalypse, Quantum Axcess 1997

This total conversion has completely new graphics and numerous cutscenes (with in-game graphics). One gets the impression of a totally new game. Barely some things will remind you of Quake. The style makes Malice a lot of fun, however, some places are also frustrating due to design mistakes. In the future, only the biggest companies have survived. In your town there are two of these firms. Both have each built their own army and spies to go after their rival. There are no police anymore. You work for B.O.S.S. which is one of these firms. Killing others to reach your purpose is of no consequence. Their missions are to infiltrat, kill, steal... because everything is done for money and B.O.S.S. pays well. The new opponents are professionally done and mostly are other people. Hostile organizations, however, also have Mechs and monsters. Reloading now becomes essential with almost all weapons. Indeed there are 3 different degrees of difficulty, but they must be changed from the console and the setting lasts only one for the length of one level. That's why Malice is to be recommended for rather experienced Quake players mostly because on account of the "normal" degree of difficulty only experienced players will be able to get through without having to resort to using Cheats. Some nice extras were also integrated, as for example the Hoverboard - a flying probe with which one can explore unknown terrain, a parachute and ... a mini submarine! Unfortunately, all these things disappear at the end of every level which is again what damages the fun really very much (and also needlessly).
Included in Ultimate Quake 1 Fan-Made Compilation *plus Quake MP 1: Scourge Of Armagon, Quake MP 2: Dissolution Of Eternity, Quake TC: Malice, Quake TC: Shrak, Quake TC: X-Men, Quake: Abyss Of Pandemonium, maps, modern source ports, mods, movies 825MB (uploaded by Scaryfun)
ISO Demo (nothing ripped) 332MB (provided by V-Man & upped by Scaryfun)
ISO Demo 329MB & Music CD-Rip ISO 285MB (@FPS Legends)

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