Quake Total Conversion: X-Men - The Ravages Of Apocalypse Zero Gravity / WizardWorks 1997

Something reminds the player in this total conversion of the ambience of Malice. A villain has succeeded in cloning the X-Men, so that they defeat the majority of their opponents. One starts in the center of the X-Men which is empty. One can enter the command area, libraries and something more. As typical with Quake, one finds doors or entrances to the different degrees of difficulty. When one hops through the tele-port, the real game begins. The opponents are better animated than in Shrak, but worse than with Malice and also do not look completely so good. Animation of your own weapons, especially with the new ones is well done though. Your character will have totally new ones, morphed into a new appearance. The shooting effects are similarly orginal. A shotgun, MG, super-mg and more including a flamethrower are also included. If you holds on to an opponent you can see the glowing skeleton underneath which looks quite cool. And whoever does not want to see it, can just shoot everything out of the way... I have played only the 1 level demo, for approx. 20 minutes which wasn't much. The full version promises 18 further levels. This started out as a Quake fan-mod and when Marvel itself got wind of this project, instead of nixing it they decided to give the mod team a way to make a full commercial Quake expansion pack. This was made freeware on Sep 22/2005.
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1-Level Demo 9MB (uploaded by DOS Games Archive)
Freeware Game 41MB (uploaded by ModDB)
Included in Ultimate Quake 1 Fan-Made Compilation *plus Quake MP 1: Scourge Of Armagon, Quake MP 2: Dissolution Of Eternity, Quake TC: Malice, Quake TC: Shrak, Quake TC: X-Men, Quake: Abyss Of Pandemonium, maps, modern source ports, mods, movies 825MB (uploaded by Scaryfun)
ISO Demo 223MB & Music CD-Rip ISO 174MB (@FPS Legends)

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