Hypercharge: Unboxed Digital Cybercherries 2017

Early Access, Full Release Date: Apr 27/2020 This pits up to 4 of your friends against relentless waves of enemies in a CO-OP experience. As the enemy become stronger, can you handle the pressure of each wave? Work as a team to build your defenses and expand your base. Increase your chances of survival by gathering Batteries and maintain power to your defenses. Early Access Features: 4 player online & local co-op; Fortify and defend against hordes of enemies; 9 unique enemy types; No elephants; Over 100 cosmetic options; 3 maps, 5 weapons. Fight off weaponized toys that will swarm your base with the sole intent of wanting to destroy the Core. Use teamwork and choose your weapon. Assemble barricades, fences and use traps to slow down the enemy. Construct a selection of devastating turrets that are suited for different occasions. Swarms of enemies begin to overwhelm you. Stop them from breaching your base and protect the Core. Sooner or later your defenses will run out of power. It's up to you to maintain and supply power to them. How long can you and your allies survive?
Steam Level Demo (uploaded by Steam)

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