Rainbow Six 3: Raven Shield Ubi Soft Montreal, Red Storm / Ubi Soft 2003

After Rainbow Six and Rogue Spear now the 3rd part comes based on Tom Clancy's novels of elite military groups. With Raven Shield it concerns, like already with the predecessors, a tactical shooter. Before the missions one can develop with the help of a tactics screen and suitable maps an application plan. Moreover one selects his comrade-in-armses with the help of their different abilities and then assigns to them in the group certain areas and activities. In the game you can carry out changes also, depending as the situation arises. One can steer each of the figures himself and give to others orders. All together there are some gameplay and graphics improvements compared to previous games. Raven Shield falls back technically on the Unreal 2 engine. What strikes, however, designwise in the central issue with the game figures. The rest of the game has not got just excessively pretty. In the game you go against a million Nazis. Besides, 18 missions lead in different areas on different continents. All together Raven Shield is a good game, however, weaker than Splinter Cell which is likewise based on a Tom Clancy novel.

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Multiplayer Demo v1.1 ~199MB Singleplayer Demo (Oil Refinery Mission) ~224MB ( @ ModDB) Multiplayer Demo Patches v1.1a ~68MB v1.2 0.5MB v3.0 (@Idnes.cz)
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2CD ISO Demo (upped by Egon68)
Fan-Made Maps
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Rainbow Six 3: Raven Shield - Gold Edition (Ubisoft eXclusive) 4CD ISO Demo 2.84GB (uploaded by Egon68)
UK Collection DVD ISO Demo + German Gold DVD ISO Demo 2.67GB (uploaded by gtamodder85)
Spanish ISO Demo (includes all patches) 668MB (uploaded by UCrest)

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