Redneck Kentucky and The Next Generation Chickens CITY interactive 2007

Mad chickens are trying to take over the world, so kick their ass, big time. But hey, don't get your boots dirty, use a variety of unique weapons and upgrades. The game uses UNREAL engine and offers animations that will leave you rolling on the floor, laughing. This could be described as Moorhuhn with a twist: the player is not stationary but has the ability to actually walk through the levels. The story: harmless looking chicken want to conquer the world and the player needs to foil their plan. The basic gameplay is still the same as in the original: the player has a limited time frame and four weapons to his disposal and tries to score as much points as possible. To do this he shoots the chicken which walk through the levels. There are also several bonus items which can be shot for extra points or gameplay advantages, e.g. point multipliers or slow motion. The game features seven levels with different scenarios, e.g. a farm or a graveyard, and gimmicks, e.g. ghost chickens which can't be seen without a flashlight.
Level Demo 141MB (uploaded by File Planet)
German ISO Demo 251MB (uploaded by Wastrel)
ISO Demo 191MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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