Yet Another Zombie Defense HD Awesome Games Studio 2017

This HD version was entirely rebuilt with Unity3D engine, which is an awesome tool for indie developers and drastically decreases time needed to make any changes. The tech that the old version was build with called Microsoft XNA was abandoned by Microsoft in 2010 and it's been a burden to work with. This switches to Unity3D - it looks much better now and we're able to add new features and content in no time. The use of Unity3D engine also allows us to integrate Steam Workshop, so hopefully we'll see some great stuff that the game's community will make. Other improvements already made are better rendering and physics, new zombie characters and animation, as well as the addition of new enemies trying to get you killed. And the fourth playable character, finally. There's also features like localization including non-English chat, cloud saves, non-Xbox controller support with full controls remapping, overall better stability and performance, as well as many other minor improvements. Everyone who owns the base version will be granted a 75% off coupon at the game's launch.
Download: None currently available

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