Re-Loaded Gremlin Interactive / Interplay 1997

So, you think you've seen some gory games. Think again. This follow-up to the console-only game LOADED was ported to the PC but is little known compared to some success on consoles. This sequel sports some major improvements in the graphics and sound departments, as well as 100% more blood. It all starts on a prison planet where the most sadistic, maniacal killers of all types are being held. After escaping from the prison, the six anti-heroes from Loaded -- Loaded, Mamma, Bounca, Butch, Cap'n'hands, Sister Magpie, and The Consumer -- vow to wreck revenge on the evil C.H.E.B. They do this, naturally, by destroying almost everything that moves in the six levels that stand between them and C.H.E.B.'s world domination scheme. This sequel uses outdoor levels in the top-down perspective (like Take No Prisoners) but has been tweaked a little giving it more of a 3-D feel. However, it can be tough knowing which parts of the level the player's character can walk on, and which parts are of a different elevation can or can't be reached. The graphics, while now rendered instead of sprite-based, are still very pixelated, save the occasionally nice-looking blood splotch on the ground after ventilating an enemy. It also adds specific tasks that must be accomplished in order to complete a mission like collecting three grubs to give to a hippie before he'll fix the bridge, thus allowing the hero to pass. Though not as bloody as Blood or Postal, Re-Loaded is full of massive explosions and flying body parts that come with the shooting and blowing things up.
ISO Demo 490MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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