Resident Evil 3: Nemesis / Biohazard 3: Last Escape Capcom / Eidos 2000

Resident Evil 3 has its first half of the game take place before the events in RE2; the second half takes place after those events. While RE3 complicates the plot of the series tremendously and contains the occasional discrepancy (some would go as far as to call the game sloppy), it helps flesh out the overall story and provides you with a high-strung survival-horror experience all the while. As Jill "master of unlocking" Valentine (one of the two main protagonists of the original Resident Evil), you must find a way out of the zombie-infested remains of the city alive. Along the way, you'll interact with and receive help from three heavily armed Umbrella mercenaries who have also become stranded in Raccoon City thanks to the incompetance of their employer. Standing in the way of your group's last escape are a horde of flesh-eating zombified citizens, homicidal mutants, and a relentless killing machine known only as Nemesis who is determined to hunt down and kill the survivors of the original Resident Evil, including Jill. Nemesis also raises the difficulty considerably on the normal setting and it was also shorter than its predecessors, mainly due to its having one main character instead of two. This was somewhat balanced by the well-thought-out Mercenaries minigame. RE3 represents the first major tweaks in the Resident Evil control scheme such as noticeable improvements in character models and new control tweaks, such as a 180-degree fast turn and a dodge feature (which ties in nicely with the increased difficulty), along with an improved auto-aim system. Another addition is Jill's ability to create different kinds of ammunition by mixing together three different types of gunpowder found throughout the game. Compared to Resident Evil 2, the amount of available ammunition and healing items has been significantly decreased, making the game more difficult. The variety of zombie citizens has also been made more diverse. A SourceNext PC Re-release (JP Only) was based on the Windows 98 version with the following additions: Updated to run on Windows XP; Best quality CG FMVs running 640x480 and 30fps; Japanese language only (Translation patch available).

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Level Demo ~71MB ( @
Full Demo ~172MB (upped by Scaryfun) Music ~11MB Intro ~18MB Movies ~64MB (upped by keropi)
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ISO Demo ~466MB (upped by Scaryfun)
Bio Hazard 3 XP - 2006 Japanese DVD Full Demo by SourceNext (thanks to GigaWatt & upped by Scaryfun) 1.31GB
Biohazard 3 - Japanese ISO Demo (provided by Meddle & upped by Scaryfun) 462.7MB
Uncensor Tool (provided by RhymeKidder & upped by annoyment) 28kb
Enhancement Mod
Japanese ISO Demo (Sourcenext release) 1.30GB (uploaded by BR4ZIL)

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