Return To Castle Wolfenstein Gray Matter Interactive / Activision 2001

This is the return of the shooter which brought the genre to life: Wolfenstein. Again you are on your way as agent B.J.Blazkowicz. Being arrested at first but able to escape out of the dungeons of Wolfenstein, you are the number 1 top man of the Allies to fight againgst the Nazi regime. In short, this is "Wolfenstein meets Indiana Jones". After the intro of RTCW it's quite clear that this time mystical elements take a big role in gameplay. In reality Hitler shows up as a kind of evil magician, but here in RTCW the Nazis try to change the war like shown with the magical actions in Indiana Jones. After escaping from Castle Wolfenstein, one passes catacombs fighting against zombies and mummies. Normally, I am not a fan of catacombs but this time I really enjoyed it very much. The evil enemies with their dark golden shining eyes look great and also the fire-zombies are nice looking. Well done cutscenes in game graphic style are shown before the catacombs and tell the story of frightened German soldiers who try to escape from this slaughterhouse and nightmare. Also in this sequence, the despairing German soldiers fight against the evil monster hordes, which is an atmospheric bonus. But after the catacombs, "normal missions" come up. The start of the V2 revolution has to be stopped or on another mission a plane has to be stolen and informations on new weapons needs to be found. Sometimes you meet modified soldiers firing a kind of energy storms or super soldiers. Almost at the end of the game, one is returning to Castle Wolfenstein fighting 5 Nazis in a well done level and prevent Heinrich from becoming the Nazi super weapon. Only 5-10% of the story takes place in Wolfenstein and areas near it. Also, the combination of elements from Indiana Jones didn't convince me that much. Either have more supernatural elements or take it completely away, I think. But anyhow, RCTW is a well done shooter. The flamethrower with the wind moving the flame (depending on movement and turning) is great as well as the variety of constructed levels. But, I expected more from RCTW. The interaction with the surroundings is close to zero. Either you shoot things down or not. The chairs which are supposed to be throwable against enemies don't play any role (some are throwable, some not). It's believed there where some anger and dismissals from the development team along with RTCW release and I ask myself why!? This game is not showing any direction and does not deserve the huge hype it got! However, it's a short amusement which should not be missed by shooter fans! It's without innovation but with lots of game fun!

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Singleplayer Demo ~120MB Multiplayer Demo ~69MB ( @ FileFront)
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 1  2 
GOTY Map Pack ~49MB ( @
Total Conversions & Level Pack
Fan-Made Maps/Mods
Full Demo & Setup Fix ~181MBMovie Addon ~71MB Bonus CD rip ~24MB (uploaded by Scaryfun)
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Win7 OpenGL SP fix
Extended Edition 2CD ISO Demo 1.13GB (uploaded by Shattered) * includes Enemy Territory (2003)
GOG Digital ISO Demo v2.0.0.2 761.7MB (uploaded by hgdagon)
UK Clone ISO Demo 854MB (uploaded by Egon68)

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