Underworld Bloodline Black Widow Games / Sony Pictures Digital Entertainment 2003

This is an official movie tie-in Half-Life mod that was released for free to the public as promotional material for the film. For a mod that only took about two months to create, the amount of new content is impressive indeed. There are two teams: Vampires and Lycans (werewolves), and the gameplay describes itself as Capture the Flag with a, "live target instead of a flag." Your goal is to find and capture the Hybrids and return them safely to a prison cell at your home base, battling any enemy fighters in your path. Once captured, the Hybrids will regenerate and win points for your team. Each team scores 1 point for every enemy kill, 10 points for a Hybrid capture, but loses 5 points if they kill the Hybrid by accident. The team with the most points at the end of the match wins. Each team has four nearly interchangeable classes, all sharing a similar arsenal of machine guns, pistols, and bladed-type weapons. There's a "superhuman mode" which works a little like Day of Defeat's stamina system that allows Lycans to move faster and Vampires to jump higher. The biggest knock against it, is that there's only two official maps to play. But they're pretty huge, intricate maps that'll probably take you awhile to learn. This is a bit of a disappointment coming from Neil Manke who has made some excellent mods in the past.
Free Add-On v2 & Steam patch 35MB (uploaded by ModDB)

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