XOP Christopher Emirzian 2002

This is a classic vertical scroll shoot'em up, consisting of 8 stages, 3 levels of bonus, 70 different enemies, various game modes, etc ... In short, good entertainment, if you like that of killing Martians. The game itself, in which the author invested a year and a half of work, was at first shareware. In 2006, it was made freeware. XOP Ultra came out in 2011, an extensive update to XOP. Re-experience XOP's challenging levels and manic gameplay with revamped levels and new extra modes. Features: 10 levels of shooting madness, plus one bonus level; Score attack plus boss rush; 6 varied game modes; 6 player weapons; 75 enemy types; 11 bosses and 15 minibosses; 35 original music tracks.
XOP Ultra - Free Game 10MB (uploaded by Official Site)
XOP Ultra included in XOP Ultra Bundle Full Registered (provided by starlord & upped by Scaryfun) 32MB

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