Rise of the Triad: The Hunt Begins - Deluxe Edition Apogee / Lasersoft 1995

Also known as: Lasersoft Rise of the Triad Deluxe Levels, this is a special version of the shareware episode distributed ONLY by LaserSoft. This version had 6 levels that were unavailable in ANY other version of Rise of the Triad. Three of them were regular levels, and three of them were Comm-Bat Levels. You had to pay for it but now the levelpack is freeware. These can be played from the retail game as well.
Full Demo ~50KB ( @ 3drealms.com)
ISO Demo ~10MB (upped by Scaryfun)
AIO Custom ISO Demo 35MB (made by Delacroix & uploaded by Scaryfun) includes Site License 1.3, The Hunt Begins Deluxe Edition, Dark War, Power Pack, Extreme Rise of the Triad Levels, Site License Comm-Bat Levels, Ohio Comm-Bat Levels, Rejected Level Pack, You & Spray Level , Wolfenstein 3D Level 35MB

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