Robert D. Anderson & The Legacy Of Cthulhu Homegrown Games / JoWooD 2007

The player impersonates Robert D. Anderson, private investigator from New York, who travels to Germany during the first months of WWII in order to solve his most frightening case – to research his origins. Arriving at the castle of his ancestors, he discovers an occult secret society among the SS, called „The order of the black sun“, revealing secrets powerful enough to endanger mankind itself...
The collaborative project developed by literature experts, Pen&Paper gamemasters and campaign authors is already supported by gifted minds: Incorporating ideas that have emerged from within the community, cutscenes from award-winning director Gerhard Daurer ("Game of Life") and ingame art exclusively created by acclaimed fantasy artist Peter Siedl („project: strom“) are contributing to a playable novel that will be far more than its sole parts...
English Demo + Bloom Patch ~714MB (@Game Pressure) Demo Patch v1.02 ~28MB ( @ PlayUnity) + Vista Fix
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DVD ISO Demo ~1.92GB (uploaded by Egon68)
Retail Patch v1.02 + Vista Fix 130+2.8MB (uploaded by PlayUnity)
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