Robocop Titus Software 2003

Robocop is a Playstation 2 conversion, like with Red Faction 2. Unfortunately, this is for PC standards rather unimpressive. The graphics are weak, the gameplay and story boring. After the Paul Verhoeven Film of the 80s and the good continuation a short time later the Robocop series floundered. The following films and the series could hold no comparison to both first results which were indeed very much brutal, however, with special effects and tension-filled good entertainment. Unfortunately, this trend continues itself with the Robocop game with dull level after level, no good feeling arises. As Alex Murphy or Robocop one has of course a few advantages as each. If one plays Robocop it's more of an arcade mode than a 3d-Shooter. The game features a new plot not featured in any of the films. Crime is up in Neo-Detroit due to the rapid proliferation of a new designer drug "Brain Drain", and the efforts of crime lord William Nexx to control its profitable distribution. Meanwhile, a mayoral race is heating up and getting dirty. And of course, mega-corporation OCP's role in all this is almost certain, but unclear. Through 9 missions, gameplay is handled as a typical first-person-shooter, with various Robocop enhancements. His HUD is projected on screen and points out available targets. The player can mark up to three targets with a lock-on button, who Robo will then auto-aim at in sequence. Thermal vision can be activated to see through walls in a limited distance. Multiple weapons are also available, from the signature automatic pistol, to missile launchers and energy weapons. Objectives are given for each mission, from rescuing hostages to finding clues. Clues can be examined after each mission to explore the story (also updated through TV news breaks, in the style of the films). If the player can target and shoot a enemy's pistol, they will surrender and can be arrested. Should the player kill a hostage or surrendered enemy, they will take damage, forcing the player to follow Robocop's ethics and "prime directives".

Level Demo 24MB (uploaded by File Planet)
Full Demo ~78MB / Movies Add-on ~42MB (upped by Scaryfun)
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ISO Demo 413MB (uploaded by scaryfun)
Revised crack for modern o/s 548kb (uploaded by scaryfun)
ISO Demo + mirror 503MB (uploaded by Meddle)

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