XOP Black Christopher Emirzian 2008

This is a 2D arcade-style vertical shoot-em-up, with more levels of crazy bullet hell gameplay, more extra game modes, and even more enemies and giant bosses to blow up. It was updated several times over the years with new levels and content. In 2011, XOP Black Ultra was released. Features: 10 levels of shooting insanity; Score attack plus boss rush and extra boss rush; 6 varied game modes; 100 enemy types; 10 bosses and 10 minibosses; 3 extra bosses; 25 original music tracks. A challenge mix called XOP Black Ultra Special, a gauntlet featuring shortened versions of all 10 of the sequel's stages was also released.
XOP Black Ultra - Free Game 11MB (uploaded by Official Site)
XOP Black Ultra & XOP Black Ultra Special included in XOP Ultra Bundle Full Registered (provided by starlord & upped by Scaryfun) 32MB

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