Vampire Slayer 1998
When the game starts you choose a team, Vampire or Slayer. The game is played in rounds where the teams have to wipe out the opposition. More scenarios regarding round objectives are planned. The game pits the speed and physical dexterity of the Vampires against the weaponry of the Slayers. Vampires can move quicker, jump higher, leap at opponents. Slayers are mere mortals but use shotguns, machine guns and crossbows to fight their enemy. Although Vampires have no ranged weapons, their close up attack is deadly. Vampires can move quietly to get close enough to use this attack. Vampires cannot be killed with bullets alone. You must either stake them or use the "stake firing crossbow" to properly kill a Vampire. If a Vampire is knocked down with bullets and is not staked, the Vampire will rise again. Vampires can feed off dead bodies to recover health. This is a fun horror multiplayer mod.
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