Doom: Kick Attack! Tim Willits / Digital Marketing Associates for Kick 1996

Ever play Doom? If not, then we repectfully suggest that you've been living in a cave these past few years. Kick Soda and the folks at ID Software have teamed up to produce Kick Attack - an entirely new level for Doom and Doom II. You're a veteran Quality Control Manager at a Kick bottling plant. Your world is one of suits and ties, tests and reports, but above all making sure that every bottle of Kick that hits the streets is a brain-mashing brew of nitro-driven fizz. You are not having a good day. The line has been shut down and you pulled the cord. You didn't need a spectrometer to know that something was wrong - this batch was weak, it did nothing for mouth or mind. It lacked, well...Kick. So you, with loosened tie and your jacket on a hook were crawling through passageways trying to find the problem. Storage tanks, feeder pipes, filling nozzles, just what you expected...but wait. What's that? Out of a newly cut scar on the side of an otherwise pristine wall came a crudely fashioned pipe. Clumsily welded to a major feeder main, it disappeared into the darkness. Punching a small hole in the pipe with a screwdriver, the liquid that dripped to the ground confirmed what you already feared - it was Alpine Spew. Someone was using Alpine Spew to take the kick out of Kick! You could already hear them echoing up from below: Surfer Mutants with Flattops shouting "Hey Dude!" The screams of flying two liter bottles with teeth so sharp they'd tear you apart faster than the Spew itself. And most chilling, the taunts of a musty old lounge singer: "C'mere baby..." It sounded like he wanted your career to be over too. Something had to be done and you were the man to do it. Tie off, armed only with the pistol from your desk and a can of Kick you crawled into the inky abyss. It was time to Kick some Alpine ass. When it's finished downloading, copy it to the same directory as doom.exe, then double click the kick.exe file. It will self-extract into three files; kick.bat, a readme file called kickdoom.txt, and the level itself.. To get started just double-click kick.bat and look out!
Free Addon for Ultimate Doom 622kb (uploaded by DoomWorld)
Free Addon for Doom 2 627kb (uploaded by DoomWorld)

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