Scarface: The World Is Yours Radical Entertainment / Sierra 2006

With the popularity of GTA3, popular gangster related movies are becoming good basis for similar 3rd-person shooters. This game examines what would've happened if Tony Montana hadn't died at the end of the popular movie starring Al Pacino. Sosa took everything you had. Now you’ve got nothing, but that never stopped you before. You’re back with a vengeance, ready to reclaim your turf and rebuild your empire. All you’ve got are your balls – and your word. Live the turbulent life of the infamous Cuban drug lord who redefined the American Dream, in an original, explosive script by famed screenwriter David McKenna (Blow, American History X). Wheel, deal and climb your way back to the top. First you get the money, then you get the power, then you get revenge. Beat down, blow away, or run over your enemies with Tony’s signature style and flair. Bury those cock-a-roaches in Blind Rage Mode. Insult, intimidate and impress the way only Tony can. Become the kingpin of a thriving underworld economy, experience the lavish lifestyle of a crime boss, and hire henchmen to do your dirty work. The open world of Miami and the Islands is yours – no load times, no limits. Some of the original actors will be reprising their roles in voicework.
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Full Demo 241MB (uploaded by scaryfun)
Windows 7 & 8 Graphical Fix (uploaded by PC Gaming Wiki)
ISO Demo 2.31GB (uploaded by Egon68)
No-DVD/Fixed Exe v1.00.2 [English] + Compatibility fix 2.45MB+1MB (uploaded by GameBurnWorld / Silent Patch)
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