Hammer 2 Reloaded / Rampage Miami RewindApp 2016

This is an action game in the third person where you will incarnate Hammer a hero of modern times. Take your rifle and kill anyone who gets in your way. In your missions use the terrain and vehicles to your advantage. To make a no-fault you will have to: make the highest score, complete the mission within the specified time and find the secret package. Will you be able to kill all your enemies and finish the game 100% ? Features: Unique design; Over 30 completely fun missions; Ten successes to unlock in game; Many vehicles to drive; A fully destructible map; Several weapons for more carnage; A shop with no less than 15 assets to buy; A multitude of different enemies to fight; An ambient music that will put you in action; Addictive Gameplay; Allow you to romp. In Dec/2019, a reskinned version called Rampage Miami was released.
Browser-Playable Free Version (uploaded by Miniclip)
Rampage Miami - Screenshots/Videos
Hammer 2 Reloaded - Full Demo v1.1.1 35MB (uploaded by scaryfun)
Rampage Miami - Full Demo 323MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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