Section 8: Seek and Destroy Map Pack TimeGate Studios / SouthPeak Games 2010

This first DLC was available for 560 Microsoft Points ($7), but is no longer being sold due to GFWL Marketplace being closed. It expands upon the game with three new maps for Multiplayer and Instant Action modes as well as adding 10 brand new achievements. Players will be able to fight for control of a geothermal energy plant on the salt flats of New Madrid in "Devil's Backbone" and battle in the narrow confines of a hazardous valley on the planet Titan in "Hornet's Nest". "Azure Basin" is set high atop a mountain plateau where a massive hydroelectric dam sits astride the map, with combat ranging from both inside and outside of the facility.
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Digital Download ISO Demo 469MB (uploaded by Delacroix)
Digital Download ISO Demo (provided by Delacroix and uploaded by Scaryfun) 469MB

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