Shadowgrounds Frozenbyte / Auran / dtp / Meridian4 2005

Initially titled Preyground in development, Shadowgrounds is a top-down shooter with addictive gameplay and audiovisual fireworks set in a near-future tale of epic heights. Use a devastating arsenal of high-tech weaponry to dispose of the alien threat. Each weapon has multiple upgrades that maximize the carnage. Examples include a pinpoint laser that cuts the aliens in half and and a railgun that fires wall-bouncing bullets - kill several aliens with only one shot. It also lets you destroy the environment to your advantage - glass shatters, ground shakes, trees fall, barrels explode and furniture blows to smithereens. Shadowgrounds uses cutting-edge realistic lighting and glow technology to light up the battlefield. Procedural texturing system enables virtually unlimited number of animatable effects such as water and lava. Lightmaps and dynamic lighting bring even more intensity to the environment. Aliens react to light, which allows for unique combat movements. Point your flashlight straight into the eyes of the monsters and see what happens... Some aliens try to stay in the shadows right until they attack you and the great variation in alien species means you must not let your guard down at any time. There might be species that are only identified by their shadow - you can't see them in normal light. Prepare to face many different bosses who will do anything to stop your journey. The player is not alone - many allies fight alongside him. Mission highlights include investigating alien origins, helping in rescue evacuation and setting up defense perimeters.
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3-Level Demo #2 371MB (uploaded by Game Pressure)
Full Demo ~262MB / Cinematics Addon ~80MB Music Addon ~100MB Patch Enabler ~0.2MB (uploaded by scaryfun)
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2CD ISO Demo 951MB (uploaded by scaryfun)
GOG Digital ISO Demo v2.0.0.5 with 64bit Fix for Win10 797MB (uploaded by hfric)

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